Strong and steady.. never loose hope

She clings to her heart.. pushing towards loves light. He waits patiently.. stoking the fires deep inside that shines like a beacon to bring her to him. Calling out to her…. soon you will be mine…. Valentine.

Never loose hope. Check twitter for video

RIP Ma, meet at Westlawn funeral office at 1 pm on Darlene’s birthday … we know you won’t hurt. You won’t be scared. Your with the ones whom been waiting on you… pic to follow. #darlenenaharniak

Please please send  flowers and donations to be sent to Wetaskewin Seniors center  for Rose to set out… with help.  All donations are to go there in thoughts of Ma    Love you Ma     All are invited on her birthday joining:

Angel with welder.  

  includes  The families of Beesnest, Dirty Harry, and Mushroom.  

RSVP please to 

Drinks and light lunch to be announced.     Till then.   Keep you posted

My 2 loves combined. My fave models. My fave job.

To help me crawl out of a wrinkle in life.. I forced this one from my minds eye… love red cars… have welded in all these positions….making a Chevy Tower.. fabrication in real time… can put your car or truck in a poster. Give me a list of what your likes are… year of car   ..model ..  ford.. dodge,, GMC… 3 of my vehicles are in this pic… to let me know.  #chevy #welder

#Ford started nicely. Will keep at it.. then Dodge. Yes I am on this. Have to find the time … Chevy.. orange. ….. ford blue. Dodge. Ughhh

Glenda’s big sale. .. acrylic…. Happy Halloween All

Use small brushes  are good   Long hair goes very well for long fine lines    Spider clump legs  #holidayRAWkartshow

Update  almost done    Well  lol   That part  lol

Update.. added a box of fingers   Apples need worms    Then a cat or raven….. frogs legs, bat wings  …. endless  image.jpgimage.jpg



Start of HALLOWED EVeeessss   Have a good one    She resembles my great great Nana Tony     … peace




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