Fall yellows and oranges salute all earthy tones for this season

9CF5503F-9F65-44DF-BEF8-222D4A0882B4.jpegTitle family trees.   36”x24”. Oil on canvas.   SOLD.

Branches done    Final runs backwards    Looks good in all light        Perhaps you have a pic I can do for you   Email me




Oil 36×24” on canvas.  Not titled yet.  Am happy with the over all idea.  Will need slight adjustments for color on leaves in bottom left.. branches all over.  And. Then onto the next one.  Have some great ideas.  Tip.  Preferably go dark to light. I mixed it up … and I like the outcomes other problem is when is it done.. was corrected in not to fuss with.   The paintbrush pic is today’s.

Wetaskiwin museium painting venture…

Day 2 and 3 combined  new faces emerged to bring painting to a whole level of wonderful   I still will do another 3 hrs so the total hrs are 15 hrs total


A good learning experience I am grateful for   The day was full of rain and not too many  on lookers. The down pour kept most away. But I’m many will enjoy for weeks to come I for one will visit all the great art work there.  The set back taught me patience       Day 2.. heat stroke.  I am happy to say

His and hers is the title. Acrylic on canvas. Finished

98CDD45F-9393-4A4D-B47D-BB795014F43B.jpeg#pink #paintng #forsale28690457-AB02-4742-92E0-A472A0219A01Can be seen and purchased at the Dalcon shop, In wet. So happy I’m added to this collection.  Love flowers and all Crazy buzzing everywhere.  Inspiration in this painting are all new wildflowers  that grows both in the garden as well in my head. New one everyday.  Small blessings from God  Never lose hope  always hope!! adding more pink.. can a pic have too much pink? I think not.  Pinks my favourite color.  Ya  ya La la la. Ya. Have a good day

top pic has final upgrade. More buds.  More life.  Always incorporate new beginnings to your pics.  Until I added these buds the picture was missing something.  The new life brought it together.

Tip. Important to display creatively.

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