Flyers Origin… acrylic on canvas


Drastic changes art to be expected. Lol.  Hold on and go with the flow. #yegartcollective. Hope you like it. Assorted card boxes available.  Can request additional text to personalize .. Like this one .. To new beginnings… Or  the sky is the limit …   A work in progress.

Small pocket books are gold.


Tip.  Don’t erase as much with light lines strokes and create movements into structured established lines.  And if that don’t work…  Turn page and repeat till desired results appear.  Have a good one

My models…loves them

The hard part about painting something that moves  and changes is holding the image In the still position.

getting the basic idea  then study more and fill in the blank parts.

Early teacher said to look at something fast. draw it in entirety.   Look again to complete missed details.  This is difficult at times

   Loads of adventure to yous



Simply one for Nana. Happy Valentines to all


When I was in the grocery store, I was amazed at the line up of men buying flowers. Non stop.  Good to see love is still blooming..  As for me.  I love my clown.

My Nana always said “a clown gives fresh flowers.” “Waste of money. Lol.” Long live romance

thinking if entering these in an a show. Plus color

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