My 2 loves combined. My fave models. My fave job.

To help me crawl out of a wrinkle in life.. I forced this one from my minds eye… love red cars… have welded in all these positions….making a Chevy Tower.. fabrication in real time… can put your car or truck in a poster. Give me a list of what your likes are… year of car   ..model ..  ford.. dodge,, GMC… 3 of my vehicles are in this pic… to let me know.  #chevy #welder

#Ford started nicely. Will keep at it.. then Dodge. Yes I am on this. Have to find the time … Chevy.. orange. ….. ford blue. Dodge. Ughhh

Glenda’s big sale. .. acrylic…. Happy Halloween All

Use small brushes  are good   Long hair goes very well for long fine lines    Spider clump legs  #holidayRAWkartshow

Update  almost done    Well  lol   That part  lol

Update.. added a box of fingers   Apples need worms    Then a cat or raven….. frogs legs, bat wings  …. endless  image.jpgimage.jpg



Start of HALLOWED EVeeessss   Have a good one    She resembles my great great Nana Tony     … peace




Art show in my home town… #artfromtheunknown. Is a blast.#yegartist #yeg. Great singers. Invited to another show Loves it. Have a good one. Exposure.

A lot of foot traffic can’t hurt. Oct 26 27 28.   You all come down   Not sure why it’s doubled up in pictures   Enjoy …. I thank all that come out to take in the event for #ndp #artfromtheunknown. Thanks again for the experience.  Hi to the great artists that I met.  Loves ya….

. updateupdate update #update  these are available in your card .. customized to your like or blank. In #paintknight membership. Paypal friendly. Pick your size for print on canvas .. extra customizing will be charged. for all you see here .. join today

Hey  all done and will show the whole pic after the show   Is how it goes  having fun with the final look   image.jpgMake the water move   Study everything    Abserve the natural shadows  feel the flow #water #art #acrylic image.jpgDistant stay fuzzy    6948529D-05CC-4A33-9933-6F5892259617.jpegMix color randomly   Have to have light to make dark  vicey vercy     Loves the textures  finding balance  it’s sooo  needs to get finished     Acrylic on canvas  at




#tannysoutherngalleryimage.jpgMixed 5  colours  to blend   Say over and over till it is. …Gonna be amazing   #start #artA3ADF7D2-405E-4C9C-B4EA-4D55428817CA

Fall yellows and oranges salute all earthy tones for this season

9CF5503F-9F65-44DF-BEF8-222D4A0882B4.jpegTitle family trees.   36”x24”. Oil on canvas.   SOLD.

Branches done    Final runs backwards    Looks good in all light        Perhaps you have a pic I can do for you   Email me




Oil 36×24” on canvas.  Not titled yet.  Am happy with the over all idea.  Will need slight adjustments for color on leaves in bottom left.. branches all over.  And. Then onto the next one.  Have some great ideas.  Tip.  Preferably go dark to light. I mixed it up … and I like the outcomes other problem is when is it done.. was corrected in not to fuss with.   The paintbrush pic is today’s.

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