My fave bass and his girl. Acrylic on paper 14 x 11 2018

Sometime a painting takes a turn   Wher the slightest hint of color can throw off features   Back up   Look   Put away   Work on another peice   Yank it out   Consentrate on light  areas   Create contrast to make darks deepen and light pop    If black hair is painted strait black.   Then you have no texture  nothing but a void.   Plan your highlights out  always keep the light to one side  and lightly paint waves and overall outline   This peice is a work in progress Background will change a bit  as blending down her shirt    Fix a tat.. Fix  hair   Fix nose  fix lips    Last touches    I have a hard time finding the end


Each horse will bring different strengths. Fire. Water. wind. love. Protection.

Come on down to the festivel.  Great artists will be there. Good times. Good people. Good music. Good to sell cards. And will have poster prints on canvas.   Was told to produce as much as possible and weed out the not so good.   Such is life.   Praise God for strength. Light my way and bring happiness to many.  Will see.

The festival was fun.  Met new faces.  Will doer next year.  Rain kept most from coming out

Jd jacket embroidery back panel in the making

imagehammer out details.  Sweet.  Play safe

Large design applied  and first jacket made for approval.   More to come.   Jacket is storm rider with large logo.  Available

ball caps soon for sale   With this logo


Price at $170.00 for denim jacket  with large logo   plus shipping

price for hats $35.00  plus shipping.

Order early can add name on arms for extra fee.  Also lapel logo  offered

Flyers Origin… acrylic on canvas


Drastic changes art to be expected. Lol.  Hold on and go with the flow. #yegartcollective. Hope you like it. Assorted card boxes available.  Can request additional text to personalize .. Like this one .. To new beginnings… Or  the sky is the limit …   A work in progress.

Small pocket books are gold.


Tip.  Don’t erase as much with light lines strokes and create movements into structured established lines.  And if that don’t work…  Turn page and repeat till desired results appear.  Have a good one

love Canada

Love Canada.  image.jpegAm Canadian artist looking for creative work.  Selling paintings   Making sculpture. Singing about peace and passion flow from my hand. Thanks to God who make all possible    Let me know if I can create something for you.. TaNNy style

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