Get the idea out is. To use the biggest brush as long as possible.

Hey  all done and will show the whole pic after the show   Is how it goes  having fun with the final look   image.jpgMake the water move   Study everything    Abserve the natural shadows  feel the flow #water #art #acrylic image.jpgDistant stay fuzzy    6948529D-05CC-4A33-9933-6F5892259617.jpegMix color randomly   Have to have light to make dark  vicey vercy     Loves the textures  finding balance  it’s sooo  needs to get finished     Acrylic on canvas  at




#tannysoutherngalleryimage.jpgMixed 5  colours  to blend   Say over and over till it is. …Gonna be amazing   #start #artA3ADF7D2-405E-4C9C-B4EA-4D55428817CA

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