Acrylic on paper . Painting started out as drawing…

this pic was a joy to make for all emotions came out,  Right from the start I felt good and confident as the painting emerged.  Pride, hope, relief, love, protection is what came to me strongly.  To bring these emotions together create a web that helps in all paintings.  Build on strengths.  Base colors.   Not all pics will come out as planned or as desired. That’s what practice is for. Always paper and pencil to start again.  Have the best day. …

On to the next one … Charge.  Hope you like this


Remember that lighting, camera angle, quality of camera have a lot to do with the pic.   No camera takes it perfect.   That’s why originals are priceless.    Keep practicing, baby steps at times will pay off.  As does good brushes, good paper, good people to share with.  Good day All

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