Asked to design a embroidery patch for jacket. So excited. .. Picking colors is fun.

image.jpgimage.jpgAnd important to use less colors with same effect.  always  positive and my style.  Study pic and breath. Letting it flow.  Happy farmer on John Deere “D”.   So I grab 10 colors from handfuls of colors.  Only to narrow it down again using the denim to be a color in design.  Have a good one.   I rather be painting but. Soon. Ya   Enjoy the day and do something unusual,  surprise yourself.  Good day TaNNy

next is to draw strong lines and develope the strength of color and lines.  Using minimal color choices.

Ways of correcting is in understanding

Sometimes I have to study how shadow only for day.  Just consentrating on their importance on how light responds.  Many a picture ended in a hole in the middle cause I tried to shade more

color is like the whipping cream on the cake.  The added plus

now with Gods will I will continue on making skeleton of clay horse.  Tweeking the wire so it holds the clay.  No pressure   Just do it.   K riding through interruptions

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