My models.

The hard part about painting something that moves  and changes positions  so what I do is study and then draw fast what pose I like  getting the basic idea  then study more and fill in the blank parts      Loads of adventure to yous

Simply one for Nana. Happy Valentines to all


When I was in the grocery store, I was amazed at the line up of men buying flowers. Non stop.  Good to see love is still blooming..  As for me.  I love my clown.

My Nana always said “a clown gives fresh flowers.” “Waste of money. Lol.” Long live romance

thinking if entering these in an a show. Plus color

Making 2 at the same time so they have the same flavour.

image.jpgTime laps of 5 minutes.  At a 5 minute walk away.  There abouts. On 11″ by 14″ canvas. Started on Instagram and will finish here.  Loves it.     See the differences.  Tip. When you stack your canvas. Watch the paint on your cuff.   Lol. Hint. Today I had to work back on sky.   Tied them back into eachother.

Have a good one

Sometimes it’s helpful to suround yourself with things that inspire.

Oook  go bottom to top  new feed stacks that way    Ok  I’m still not pleased with this camera to share with you The paintings. Hoping today to add more for first coat   Acrylic is so different   Good day



Adding comfort will stimulate mind.   Ask Gods help to guide your hands.  Always.  And breath and begin



Today I step up some works with using acrylic. On canvas.   Will always I courage you to try new things on canvas.  Paper.  Doodling led to this.   Good day all.

When you don’t right the wrongs. …pencil

image.jpgHer thoughts are distance as dreams and hopes are the wings in the distance. A shedding like an onion until no more.

Always hope

he stands strong deepening this handle on the land, listening patiently for his words to reach her.   no life without her

Always hope

In control to stop the pain and let the flames clean away the anger to clear new paths for new hopes and dreams return.  TaNNy

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